Submission Statement: Ross Coulthart retweeted this from Post Disclosure World, which highlights something that David Grusch brought up in his Joe Rogan interview; that is, the “credible and urgent” designation was, in fact, regarding the crash retrieval. His allegations of reprisal were filed at a later point. Full quote from PDW below:

This is an extraordinary quote by David Grusch from his Rogan appearance:

“My complaint, yes, was about reprisal too. I filed that separately, eventually to the Department of Defense Inspector General. That’s an ongoing investigation. But it was my congressional oversight UAP crash retrieval allegations that was deemed credible and urgent, it was sent to the Director of National Intelligence, and then it was sent to the Congressional Intelligence Committees around that time, July of 2022.”

According to Grusch the “credible and urgent” demarcation made by the Intelligence Community Inspector General did in fact encompass the claims that there’s a UAP crash retrieval program not being reported to congressional oversight.

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