In the mail I received my notification that as a shareholder in LMT it is time to vote on proposals being presented at the Annual Meeting. I bought shares in LMT expressly for the purpose of being able to vote in shareholder meetings as a way to put pressure on the company toward greater transparency should they have any involvement in the UAP topic.

There are 4 proposals that I am able to vote on and of course I will be voting FOR the four proposals the board recommends I vote against. Those four proposals are:

Stockholder Proposal Requesting a Report on Alignment of Political Activities with Human Rights Policy Stockholder Proposal Requesting a Report on Reducing Full Value Chain GHG Emissions Stockholder Proposal Requesting Reduction in Threshold to Call Special Stockholder Meetings Stockholder Proposal Requesting Director Election Resignation Bylaw

Anyone else here holding LMT just so they can vote in stockholder meetings? Anyone care to shed some light on what these proposals will actually do to further the disclosure process?

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