David Grusch’s DOPSR Cleared Statement his alleged voice over and its implications

In his DOPSR Cleared Statement Grusch said “I had no idea this topic (UAP) was taken seriously by the department as I have given very little thought on UFOs or so call extraterrestrial in my entire adult life… I was skeptical, this sounded to me as probably misidentified neer peer adversarial technology or observation bias”

There’s also an allegation that Grusch narrated an old UFO video uploaded by RecligedAnon who also uploaded the airliner videos.

This means 1 of the following scenarios must be true:

Grusch did not narrated the old UFO video.

Grusch narrated the video but didn’t think it’s any credible.

Grusch lied in his DOPSR statement.

If Grusch didn’t lie and he’s the one who narrated the video. It makes even less sense that he was the one who leaked the airliner videos let alone the fact that he was RecligedAnon himself.

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