According to the recent NewsNation interview with Coulthart and Cuomo, the information regarding Grusch’s mental health (e.g. PTS, suicidal ideation, etc.) was leaked to a journalist from The Intercept and is about to be made public.

Coulthart states that the only two groups Grusch says would have had this information are the county sheriff’s office or the Intelligence Community. When Grusch asked the sheriff if the journalist retrieved the information from there, the process of elimination suggests that the Intelligence Community was responsible for providing his medical records to The Intercept.

I can’t wrap my head around this.

Does that imply that the source he went to in order to provide and expose secret information regarding NHI and UFOs as a whistleblower is the exact same group that blatantly turned on him?

This is insanity if that’s the case. It feels like a combination of Oppenheimer being accused of anti-American ideologies after WWII and the trial scene in the first Planet of The Apes movie just because of how ridiculous they are trying to smear his credibility.

Coulthart is right. This only vindicates what Grusch was saying about being personally attacked in ways he said he didn’t want to get into during the 7/26 hearing. This is what he was reffering to.

What are your thoughts on this?

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