Military personnel involved in the transport operation: Colonel Olímpio Vanderlei, Lieutenant Tibério (from the Army Police), Captain Ramirez, Sergeant Pedrosa, Corporal Vassalo, Corporal Domingos, Soldier De Melo, Soldier Cirilo, Soldier Aurélio.

Detail: one of the ESA military personnel mentioned above, denounced and detailed the entire transport operation on a tape recorded by Ufologist Paccacini.

It is public knowledge that at present, some members of the CBU – Brazilian Commission of Ufologists have copies of these recordings with the narrations of these ESA soldiers, the firefighter, the military police, etc. However, they do not share it with the majority of ufologists or with the general public.

The Mission

According to the military’s report, it would be a small mission with three trucks in which he and three colleagues in uniform participated. They left the ESA, stopped in front of Automaco (the same workshop that was officially given the excuse of servicing trucks), then drove to the city’s exit and began to follow a white Volkswagen Bus and a Volkswagen Beatle. Corporal Domingos got out of the Volkswagen Bus, spoke with Sergeant Pedrosa and asked the first driver of the Army’s first truck to accompany him.

After about 40 minutes, the truck came back, followed by the white Volkswagen Bus and stopped on the opposite side of the road. <<<

Then, it was the truck’s turn where Corporal Vassalo was next, and they stopped at the Humanitas Hospital.

He maneuvered the vehicle and backed into the side gate. The S2 who were in the white Volkswagen Bus placed the gate against the truck’s cabin and covered it with black tarps. The cable was searched, removing the gondola to see if it had a recorder and they asked him to hold one of the ends of the black canvas.

In a room full of doctors and military there was a coffin on top of an easel, with a creature that looked like a burnt person inside, and there was a bad odor in the air. Colonel Olímpio Vanderlei even joked: “Did you bring me here to see someone burned?”

A doctor pulled out what appeared to be the tiny creature’s black, forked tongue. There was a military S2 recording the entire movement on video. After that, they covered the coffin, screwing the lid on and wrapping it in black plastic, taking the coffin into the ESA truck.

The vehicle turned around and stopped behind the first truck. Then the third truck left and returned about 40 minutes later. Then, the three trucks returned to ESA, escorted by the S2 of the white Volkswagen Bus and entered the school gates, without even being stopped by the sentries, who usually write down the route and the mileage travelled. According to the cable’s report on the videotape, they were instructed to leave the trucks with the back against the wall and proceeded to a room where there were instructions from the hierarchical superior that they had participated in a secret operation, requesting secrecy and that at 4 am they would continue that mission. During the night and early morning, the trucks were heavily guarded.

In the morning, at the agreed time, they took the trucks and went by train to the Army installation, the Preparatory School for Cadets, in Campinas – SP. There they received orders to go to rest and they would be free for a few hours.

When the trucks were ready, without the black canvas covers, they continued their journey, returning to ESA, in Três Corações. The drivers of the convoy that took the “boxes” to Campinas, at the Preparatory School for Cadets, were replaced by other soldiers who took the loads to Unicamp; but on the way back the sergeant forgot about it.

The sergeant who was in the same truck said: “Wow, how big is this Unicamp!”, Then the corporal replies: “But sergeant, I never went to Unicamp”.

Continuing the dialogue, the sergeant says, closing the matter: “Forget it, I didn’t tell you anything!”

[that was how the ufologists discovered that the creature was taken to Unicamp, later with more crossed information.]

This is some information that is contained in this first tape…

[the highlighted text between >>> <<< shows the probable moment where the photos were taken.]


• Soldier De Melo has already been interviewed. He denied involvement with the operation, but when asked if he remembered a Volkswagen Beatle (one of the unmarked vehicles) from the mission, he said he did. How was he going to remember the Volkswagen Beatle from the mission if he wasn’t there?

• Interestingly the trucks actually stopped at the Automaco workshop, but it was probably just a screening mission and not for repairs as they said official.

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