Article written in October 16, 2015.


Article is saying that intelligence community knows what happened to the MH370 thanks to the “data” they got from sbirs. Trumpet 4 (or NROL 22) carried the first SBIRS-HEO-1 early warning package.

According to this article they know what happened to the MH370 since OCTOBER 2015, maybe even earlier, March 12, 2014??. And they didnt say shit to world, dont forget underwater search for the plane continued until june 2018,

If they really know what happened, why intelligence community didnt say anything to the world about what happened to the MH370?

I can think of two possibilities, video is real or USA shot down the plane and collected all of its debris really fast. But if USA shot down the plane, why would officials at 460th Space Wing say sbirs helped them solve the mystery?

edit: if you cant find the quoted sentences:

Switch the photographs until you see a satelitte on space scanning the earth. It starts with : “The Sbirs GEO design incorporates side-by-side sensors”

It’s under this image as you’re clicking through:

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