At the moment there are two subreddits about the disappeared plane and it’s a terrible idea. r/UFOs is the biggest sub on reddit about NHI and at any given moment there are around 8000 people online at the least.

That being said, moving the posts to a new sub with 1k members is a joke to the active community here. Details that might be crucial will be posted to the other subs and will go unnoticed. I saw some interesting new takes and details being posted on there, but getting little to no engagement.

Also, mods keep deleting new posts about the plane with important details and keep pushing them into megathreads. How many people in here actually check the megathread? How many people even know about a megathread? Not only that, but any new info on the megathread won’t make it to home feed recommendations.

We have an active community here that has taken a lot of effort into analyzing this video. Dividing the community is pointless and stupid.

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