Yesterday i watched a movie about Varginha incident by James Fox. In the movie one of the witness said that the crashed uap was damaged and it was shaped like a cigar, basically the tictac. On the other hand james spoke to more witnesses, a family. They said that a flying saucer was in the city 10-15 meters above them, they said it was like looking for something. Also at the beginning of the movie they show a footage, some sort of round light flying 10 meters above the houses going up and down like its actually searching for something. Also there was more witnesses saying the same thing, a saucer flying very close to the city, looking for something.

After watching this i thought, maybe saucers and tictac are two different races of nhi thats hostile to each other. In Varginha, saucer damaged the tictac and it was looking for the crashed tictac in the city to finish them off or take hostage?

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