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Like many of you I’ve recently gone down the rabbit hole of circumstantial evidence of UFOs, and after the Congressional testimonies fell into the UK rabbit hole of crop circles (I live in London). This documentary has a few errors (two of the videos have been proven as hoaxes) but nevertheless has interesting pics and info on the 1% of crop circles which are unexplainable.

Most of you will have seen Bob Lazar reference Element 115 as the undiscovered (by humans) element which powers Roswell crafts.

As the documentary mentions from 33:30mins, “in 2003, E115 was discovered. A whistleblower…”

Anyone know which whistleblower has credibly come out with Element 115 in 2003?

The documentary has a conspiracist title but it’s better than that: Aliens and Espionage: Crop Circles and the CIA Coverup on YT

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