Hi all,

My name is Lauren and I’m a reporter for a Northwest radio station.

The reason I have labeled this “article” is because I am working on a story about the recent congressional hearings and UFO sightings for a radio/written story. I have already talked to Peter Davenport, the director of the National UFO Reporting Center. I would love to talk to some other folks in the Northwest for the story.

I am looking for:

Northwest Sighting — someone who lives in North Oregon, Washington or North Idaho who has had a UFO/UAP sighting they wouldn’t mind sharing for the story.

A Skeptic — I think it’s only fair to feature a point of view that is more skeptical of UFOs in general, or perhaps someone who thinks the governments sharing of this information is to distract from something else.

Political Nerd — It might be nice to have someone who has been following the Congressional hearings weigh in on what they think is interesting so far, and what they hope is revealed in future hearings.

A Different Angle — Perhaps there is another angle to this story I haven’t thought of yet. Feel free to reach out with ideas.

My email is lauren.paterson@wsu.edu. Feel free to message me or email me to get in contact for the story.

I realize this sub is huge and I only need a few voices, so apologies if I don’t get back to you in a timely manner…it’s been really interesting to follow this unfolding story in this sub. 🛸

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