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Allegedly there was a landing in 1957/58 at Edwards Airforce Base that was filmed but never released. There was one image or a few frames released, which I can’t seem to locate apart from the picture on

I did find this small write up

//In 1957, a test pilot and austronaut, Gordon Cooper, had a camera crew working at Edwards Air Force Base filming the installation of a new landing system. The crew spotted a saucer and filmed it as it flew overhead, then hovered while extending three legs that looked to be landing gear. The saucer landed in a dry lake bed. After Cooper sent the film to Washington, it disappeared.//

In the first picture, I have attached both the newer high res image with the low res image under it and matched up the ufo size. The newer image was a bit higher resolution. This gives you a good idea of the extra detail that is available. The clouds and scene do match up but the saucer is tilted a degree or so more which leads me to believe this may be another frame from that alleged footage. The higher resolution image was also oriented with the saucer coming from the right side of the image, so I flipped to match it.

In the second picture I used a non AI upscaler to up the resolution. Then I added some brightness and shadow adjustments to extract as much detail as possible.

In the third image I try to Denoise the image with an AI but the results are not the greatest. I applied a different color filter to see if there is more detail to see.

The fourth image is a composite of multiple images shown before.

There is a clear circular or ball like protrusion at the bottom of the craft and there seems to be a similar corresponding protrusion on the top. There seems to be a clear circular area with a flattish top, possibly where the aliens or Grey’s sit. You can call it the cockpit. The edges slope downwards from the cockpit are at an angle. The back of the craft is blurry possibly due to motion blur caused by the crafts movement or gravitational lensing.

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