The medical record is a double bluff.

They want you to discuss it endlessly. They want you to make a thread about it. They are making threads about it themselves, lots of them. They want you to read screenshots of what other people think about it, and talk about that too. Why do you think he said “Whoops!”. Because he’s a target dummy for energy and his function needs to be maxmised.

Tactic used on both Reddit and 4chan; shills essentially larp as naive but helpful users, that will create extensive content and comments on the pointless side topic (medical records) which doesn’t further the activism, which makes the primary topic undiscussable. If you are young, this won’t be obvious.

Write to your congress person on the topic of UAPs. Everything else is just entertainment.

You have democractic rights, the most important of which is the ability to communicate with your government representatives and have your grievences heard.

If you don’t do that, the whole thing is pointless.

They really don’t want you to do that.


The more I think about it, this single statement can end this whole thing:

Write to your congressperson and government officials on the topic of UAPs. Everything else is just entertainment.

Just copypasta it to the end of every comment you make and we’d know the truth in two weeks.

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