#3 – Found today



Patch for special access program heavily depicts the underwater UAP framework described by the original poster/leaker, including sterotypical alien eyes threatening from beneath the water.

MISSION: Rapidly execute streamlined demonstrations, development, test, production, fielding, and sustainment of classified weapon systems to maintain the Nation’s lethal strike capability in contested environments.

#2 – Found yesterday

Dr Eamonn Ansbro, MSc, MPhil, PhD (abd), FRAS (electro optics and instrumentation), Royal Astronomical Society, SETI member.

Not a lightweight.

https://youtu.be/2t16mZeBFfM?t=1099 – 1 month ago

See 18:19 – discussing the Nimitz event: “It could have waited for the larger UAP, we’re talking about some sort of super-structure, a super-construct, this would be much bigger than the probes we’re talking about – don’t ask me about the shape (leak discussed construct’s shape*) this is (*starts nervously laughing*) purely hypothetical.* It’s also interesting that this was a water event (refering to the Nimitz) which may be a strong corellation which really has to be investigated futher. Water events seem to be really key to this in the last 10-15 years, and has come through in a lot of the military events in the US.. of course (*clears throat and looks worried, frowning*)”.*

#1 – Found earlier in week

US Army Colonel John B. Alexander (Council on Foreign Relations, Los Alamos National Laboratory) – Served from 1950s to early 2000s – Retired

Not a lightweight.

https://youtu.be/CPhQDblky98?t=3190 – 10 months ago

See 53:10 – When asked directly about a connection between the ocean and uaps, he babbles about an unrelated topic, then simply says “It’s not understood!“. Very weird. He never refuses to talk about any other topic in the interview, though often pauses, clearly thinking about what he can and can’t say.

The host pauses, ending with a cautious “but?” as he touches on the subject of the ocean, as though venturing into forbidden territory, then abruptly pulls his head back.

This was before the initial post.


Great comment on this topic from a previous thread:

“One of the interesting things about his posts (leaker) was his specificity and subtle understanding. If it’s a fake, it’s a very clever one on multiple fronts.

For example, without reading further, how many here can guess a possible purpose of the TicTac? All the information is public. Try it now.

What’s the purpose of the TicTac?

Then read what he wrote.

Pill shapes are extremely sought after and some we think are “freighters”.

Now consider Fravor’s testimony that the Nimitz had been tracking these for days and that they were going from 80K feet to 20K feet and back again. And, when he encountered it, he saw it hovering over the water.

80K feet is outer space. In other words, IF there was an underwater base/facility, this thing was going from outerspace and back down, exactly as a freighter picking up cargo might…”


Further high-quality, well-evidenced reading on potential Ocean mothership/factory, with original documentation: https://twitter.com/clintehrlich/status/1686923288050843649?s=46&t=aMzB1g73_eQyNQeQIiM_wA


#BonusRoss Coulthart revealed the patch for a reverse engineering program. If you’ve read everything else, the left side of the patch makes perfect sense, I don’t even need to explain it.


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