Geopolitical implications of UFO disclosure in US would be massive, it would make some superpowers without UFO tech militarily toothless and it could cement NATO, (possibly) CSTO and (possibly) Shanghai Pact hegemony.

For those Superpowers with UFO tech, it would force them also to a disclosure as if they don’t disclose their UFO tech, they could be made fools of and slowly begin to lose superpower status as brain drain happens to countries without UFO tech.

As UFO tech enters the mainstream Space travel would become much cheaper and civilian owned private spaceships a la Star Wars might become a reality.

This leads to massive space colonization effort which in turn means the first interplanetary and interstellar human states might get established as energy isn’t a big issue anymore.

As travel time wouldn’t be a issue for such states given how fast the ftl warp travel times are, this could lead to large changes in warfare, Space Navies and Space marines might become a reality as States scramble to the vastness of Space

New Industries and Jobs might develop as things like Asteroid mining become more mainstream.

The first merchant space navies might get launched in the next few centuries as space trade increases with space colonization and alien contact.

Laws would have to revised to include Aliens in one form or the other, leading to massive change in the structure of law.


US discloses UFOs and FTL tech, other superpowers feel peer pressure to disclose UFOs as they risk getting destroyed by Brain Drain if they don’t disclose. FTL tech becomes mainstream leading to interstellar states with interstellar trade and war and a very different geopolitical environment.

UFO (FTL and (almost free) Energy) tech would be as important as the invention of the wheel and the invention of Agriculture.

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