Extraterrestrial or Terrestrial? UFO’s, Cryptoterrestrials, and Ancient Civilizations

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“Instead of looking up, maybe we should be looking around us.”

Applying Occam’s razor to the premise that UFOs are vehicles of an advanced civilization, it is plausible that such a civilization originates from Earth rather than a distant planet. The Cryptoterrestrial theory posits the existence of an indigenous, elusive race—or possibly multiple races—of ancient beings on Earth. These beings are believed to have the ability to manipulate electromagnetic fields related to consciousness, possess deep knowledge of humanity, and have developed advanced camouflage techniques to coexist with us.

Luis Elizondo: What if for a moment….’Mankind’ wasn’t singular. Maybe, just for a moment, it’s “Mankinds”. PLURAL. Are we as a society even prepared to have that conversation?

The so-called UFO phenomena observed over the past 80 years might be a form of memetic campaign or “Psy-Ops”, that has been continuously perpetuated by both Cryptoterrestials and our military forces in a desperate attempt to focus our attention on the skies rather than other possibilities.

Luis Elizondo: Imagine everything you’ve been taught or what our political leaders have told us about our past…what if that turned out to be not entirely accurate? In fact, the very history of our species, what it means to be human…what if that is now in question?

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History of Hidden Civilizations

There exists compelling evidence from diverse sources such as folklore, mythology, religion, archaeology, geology, and history, as well as eyewitness and anecdotal accounts, suggesting that our planet has always been home to one or more concealed advanced civilizations. Furthermore, there’s significant evidence pointing to their use of airborne technology for transportation, as many creation myths describe sightings of objects and beings descending from the skies. While anthropologists often interpret this as humanity’s inherent intrigue with the heavens, it’s equally plausible that some of these myths originated from genuine encounters with entities perceived as ‘gods’.

Luis Elizondo: What does it mean to be human? What if at some point we find an ancestor that is really the link between us and our past? What if the definition of human is always evolving? What if being human is something more profound, something that is beyond our current comprehension and reasoning? Imagine if there was an advanced civilization….

Where Are They Hiding?

The vast expanse of our oceans presents an ideal sanctuary for entities who want to live unnoticed, which means that the frequent reports of UFOs in proximity to large water bodies might not be mere coincidences. Ancient tales, such as the Sumerian Oannes myth, even suggest that the very foundation of civilization was a gift from beings originating from beneath the waters.

Why Are They Hiding?

Despite possessing technological prowess that seemingly surpasses ours, these beings have consistently avoided overt interactions with humanity. One straightforward explanation could be that such disclosure would destabilize us, a pattern evident throughout human history. Alternatively, it might stem from an inherent distrust or caution towards us.

Why Haven’t We Seen Them Yet?

It’s possible that many of us have encountered Cryptoterrestrials, but our limited human perception prevented us from recognizing them. Studies on perception reveal that humans often perceive only a fraction of their surroundings. Our brains construct mental models by piecing together bits of information, creating an illusion of a complete picture while omitting vast amounts of data. Objects play such a fundamental role in how we focus our attention that many perception researchers believe we are “addicted” to them; we couldn’t stop paying attention to objects if we tried. The visual brain guides attention largely by selecting objects important to the individual — and this process is widely believed to be automatic.

For a species capable of manipulating consciousness, the optimal way to captivate a species with restricted perception might be to tap into their psyche and present something irresistible. This could explain why these beings manifest in forms influenced by our cultural biases and expectations. Noted Ufologists, like Vallee, have observed that these phenomena adapt to the prevailing symbols of an era. This adaptability is evident in various cultural narratives, from the Irish Faerie Faith to the Hopi’s Ant People. Historically, these “aliens” seem to embed themselves into cultures by aligning with existing mythological constructs, leading to tales of elves, dwarves, fairies, beasts, and extraterrestrials. A recurring detail in these encounters is the distinct sulfuric odor, a trait shared across mythological, folkloric, and alien narratives.

Only by appealing to our collective unconscious can they take form. While objectively real, these beings demand a level of unconscious participation and belief to be seen. Simply, our “visitors” appear to be striving to become adept at accessing our reality, in effect becoming “more real” and thus increasingly compatible with us.

2016 Forgotten Language Article: Contact must be symmetrical. A Type I civilization should never be contacted by a Type II civilization. Only in very rare cases can such a contact be successful, the cases in which both Type I civilization and Type II civilization has changed their methods completely and started to trace the emergence of reason, and of nature in their battle with biology, tradition, culture, and superstition. Those contacts require the higher civilization to dress itself up as characters that Type I populations can recognize as their own; if the contactees believe in fairies, show yourself as a fairy; if they believe in aliens, show yourself as an alien, and if they believe in gods, show yourself as gods. We need to ‘symmetrise’ the contact approach as much as possible, by forcing a more controlled equilibrium, which would not at the outset tip the scales of the contacted civilization.

Government Secrecy

If Cryptoterrestrials are indeed trying to penetrate our realm, our deep-seated skepticism might be hindering their efforts in some mysterious quantum manner. If governments are aware that our universe is permeable and can, under specific circumstances, provide a channel to unseen realms, than keeping a firm line of official denial of the phenomenon could actually be designed to thwart a potential silent invasion of this nonhuman intelligence.

2018 Forgotten Languages Article: No, we don’t believe in UFOs, that is, manned or intelligent probes from another galaxy. However, we do believe in laser pointers projecting a red dot on a wall, and we do believe in cats chasing those glowing dots, and we also believe in the possibility of we being cats living in a wall and someone else living in a parallel universe projecting laser dots on the wall we live in for us to see them. Maybe your UFOs are just that: luminous effects from an energy source located in the parallel universe to which we have no direct access. See, we have been busy figuring out how a ball lightning really works, and we now fully understand the ball lightning phenomena except for just one thing: they need a supply of energy, and we do not see the source and where’s that energy coming from, so we thought it may well be the case that the energy source lies somewhere in the parallel world.”

Possible Reasons Behind Sudden Increase in Sightings

Nuclear Weapons: The surge in UFO sightings following the advent of nuclear weapons bolsters the theory that UFOs might have terrestrial origins. They may see our nuclear missiles and arsenal of “black ops” aircraft as a considerable threat to them. Imagine residing alongside a primitive society that suddenly gains access to immensely destructive tools. The logical response might be to intervene, but in a manner that both conveys a message and simultaneously denies one’s existence. This could explain why UFO encounters often have a mythological essence; they’re designed to be dismissed. Yet, the beings behind these sightings, aware they’ll be observed occasionally, might intentionally adopt appearances aligning with our expectations of extraterrestrial visitors. Climate Change: The escalating climate crisis could be another catalyst for Cryptoterrestrials to subtly reach out. If we cohabit Earth with these indigenous “aliens,” the deteriorating environment would inevitably impact any potential relationship with our secretive neighbors. Quick Advances in Technology Driving a Prep for Disclosure: For the majority of human history, Cryptoterrestrials would have enjoyed unimpeded dominance. In the absence of global media, earlier human societies would have been simpler to deceive or exploit. If some UFOs are indeed the work of an indigenous race, we ought to be able to detect the inevitable “signature” it’s imprinted on the planet. This confirming evidence can take many forms: anomalous fossils, genetic traces, “mystery” transmissions. At the same time, we continue to map the continents and oceans (not to mention the surfaces of other planets) with ever-improving instruments. It stands to reason that the Cryptoterrestrial Hypothesis is testable. In other words, no matter how addicted to seclusion, a parallel society will eventually betray its existence. The rapid evolution of humanity into a globally connected society challenges the Cryptoterrestrials’ traditional methods of maintaining discretion.

One may argue that the mere fact that they initiate open contact with humans at all reeks of misdirection, and perhaps that’s the point. But they could just as easily genuinely need a network of human contacts, a foothold in our world to fall back on in times of crisis.

The Role of a Hidden Civilization in Human Evolution

A hidden, advanced civilization could have played a significant role in occasionally hastening our species’ development as well as keeping us in a periodic “standby” state, rendering us less likely to destroy ourselves. The question is, why bother? Their intervention throughout history indicates that they need us for reasons that are seldom forthcoming. Perhaps they need our genetic material? Or maybe they need us to keep Earth’s environment sustainable? Are we an experiment? Who knows.

Luis Elizondo: About 70,000 years ago, something changed. Our species was instantly catupluted to the very top of the ladder. That changed the entire global landscape of our planet, almost overnight. Large animals went extinct because of us. What if it turns out…that there is another species that is even higher on that ladder than we are? Is Mankind just another animal in the zoo?

Witness testimonies provide intriguing insights, hinting that Cryptoterrestrials are as fascinated by our cognitive abilities as they might be with our genetic makeup. If this is the case, our significance in the grand scheme of things could be profound. It’s conceivable that they are extracting something intangible, cultivated within the vast expanse of human consciousness.

Thought this was interesting. 🙂 The Cryptoterrestials book I refer to a lot is here; however, there are many other authors with similar books and theories.

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