With all the talk of footage being real or hoaxed right now, particularly with the alleged MH370 disappearance footage, I have one question which I think is pertinent to this topic. How many people actually posses the skills, and have the time to create fake UFO footage??? I feel like the number of people capable of doing this has to be far lower than the number of people capturing real UAP footage…am I crazy or not, because to me it does not make any sense that most UAP videos are fake, how many people posses the CGI skills to create something that looks so real, such as the MH370 video. I’d like to hear from people in the industry, are there a lot of you that tend to make hoaxed footage for a living???

EDIT: do they make fake videos with CGI and then release them to the public without any background? Who does this??? And why??? How do they monetize it?

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