Find solutions to protect the heros instead of turning on them the second they need your help.

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More people need to learn how to think logically and then believe the truths that they reveal. Ken Klipenstein, is obviously, being blackmailed into his position. So many people are so ready to blame and throw stones, that they fail to realize that the opponents of truth are NOT good guys! They have no morale qualms about doing “what must be done for the greater good”. It doesn’t matter that it’s a bullshit excuse, made by a megalomaniac, used to justify their actions.

There is, probably, not a single person that they wouldn’t threaten, blackmail, or kill in order to keep the light out. If you want to help get the light out, you need to start pointing your intellect towards this primary obstacle. If we can figure out how to “actually” protect people and their families from evil, we could fix these problems and heal our world.

Or, by all means, continue to step off of the path towards truth every time a team mate appears to betray you. Did you have reason to mistrust his motives before this? If not then give him the benefit of the doubt and a little compassion. Use the injustice as fuel for your righteous anger, focus on the root cause, and come up with a way to protect one of your teammates instead of immediately turning your back on them the second they need help the most.

Imagined conversation: “Hello is this Ken?” “This is Ken” “Did you know that your son’s school, West Franken elementary, has all of the childrens schedules saved in the cloud? Your son Josh, should just be walking to the backside of campus, this very instant. Imagine how easy it would be for someone to grab him and throw him into a van, back there.” ” I’m calling the police.” “Ah ah ah I wouldn’t do that Kenny boy. I hear that the ones that would do such things aren’t the kindest of people. If you were to call the cops, the ones at the school, just might scoop your son up, toss him into a van, and mail you his shirt, covered in blood, wrapped around his little hand.” ” Those type of people probably also know where your wife works, the route that she drives, the nursing home that your grandparents live in, and what kind of food your dog eats. What do you say Ken? Are you playing ball or are you going to watch your entire world collapse around your head before we even begin putting the hot irons on your flesh?”

Do you get it yet? He fell the same way that everyone else has fallen, except for the Kennedys. And look what happened to them. Would you have written the smear piece, they commanded you to write, or would you sacrifice all that you hold dear, before you were tortured in turn? If you wrote the piece, in order to save your family, wouldn’t you feel betrayed by those around you that turned on you so quickly, without asking why or offering a single iota of help or support?

Do better!
Much love, Eric

P.S. He isn’t the first person and he won’t be the last. It’s one of the main reasons that corruption is not only able to thrive, but to flourish.

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