I’m coming to understand that anyone involved in the coverup must feel like this is an option in order to provide transparency to us all.

Looking at the situation from a completely realistic perspective; it feels great to fantasize about people keeping the secret being put away for breaking the law but considering the resources and capabilities they may have up their sleeve to continue to obsuficate, is it worth it to peruse this ?

I ask this because the general mood seems to be that anyone doing it get the guitoine and that’s that. I find this highly unprofitable and unproductive to the larger picture. I would take the information and possible scientific advancements going public over any 1 person getting persecuted personally if I was at the negotiating table.

I’d like to hear your thoughts because I’d like to craft a reasonable vision for how this plays out and to me this feels like the most likely solution despite all the talk in the air.

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