I know that the Grusch hype train has been rolling for a little bit now, and I’m a little late but I actually just watched the hearing for the first time last night to see if there were any bits of information that I missed beyond reading about it, and wow. I think the thing that makes Grusch such a key player in this modern push for transparency is that he comes directly from the world of high secrecy, overarching access to SAP programs and closed-door government activity that operates at a level that is completely ethereal to the public. These are the sorts of things that we as a community have only been able to speculate on for a long, long time, and the most mind-blowing thing is that for the most part, it seems that the general consensus of UFO/UAP investigators has been largely accurate given the testimony that Grusch just gave under oath. Not only do they exist, the government knows they exist as well as knowing NHI exist since the 30’s, they have engaged in a legacy crash retrieval program that has produced intact craft, and they are actively working to reverse engineer those technologies at this very moment. Basically every single major speculation is true. It still blows my mind that we have someone that has come forward from the shadowy parts of the government who is openly speaking about these things, and there were moments during my watch of the hearing where even as someone who has been completely sold on the existence of UAP’s these waves of zooming out and taking in what this actually means would wash over me. It’s terribly exciting and so heartening to see. In the wake of the hearing all of this business with the hit piece and people trying to discredit Grusch for his difficulty coping with PTSD after his deployment only demonstrates the absolute panic certain sectors of the DOD must be in with Grusch going public. It’s laughable that they are taking the stance that he is mentally unwell, because when you listen to him speak within an instant you realize that he has a mind like a steel trap and he’s not some unpredictable, out of control alcoholic in the slightest. We truly are living in the most exciting time for the subject ever in my opinion. Little by little, the truth is coming. Moment’s like this congressional hearing will be looked at as a key step in the future, and its an unbelievable feeling to know that while you are watching something happen in real time.

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