A) Accusations of Alcoholism – is a non sequitur, as in, the argument does not follow from the premises. Drinking alcohol does not mean that all your testimony is unreliable. Testimony when you’re sober is accepted. I know of numerous “alcoholics” that fly planes for the Airforce & have flown with armed nukes on their f-16s (not USAF)

B) Burden of proof – What is the evidence he is an alcoholic? From my perception he appears very lucid and eloquent. His vernacular is great. He does not show any signs of generic alcoholism. Infact his vocabulary & command of language displayed at the hearings demonstrate an above average linguistic ability and intelligence.

C) Had his Mental Health been that unhinged, he would have been stripped off his security clearances. Why? As he would pose a threat to national security on grounds of possible information leaks, if again he is as “nuts” as the allegations suggest. You wouldn’t let whackos do briefings in the white house would you?

D) The IG of the Intelligence community and others, would have already vetted Grusch for having a reliable stable character. Infact he continued to work in extremely important positions in the Intelligence community years and years after these said incidents. Why? Because such incidents were obviously deemed as of not significant importance to impact his role in dispensing his duties.

E) He is a war veteran and people should cut him some slack as most don’t realize what PTSD can do. I am from nearby Afghanistan. I have seen some horrific shit in my life and what war vets see is quite insane.

F) Did we all have amnesia and forget that numerous individuals came out EXPLICITLY vouching for David Grusch from within the military?

G) The flip scenario – Just imagine for a moment if Grusch is as crazy and unreliable as they suggest in article. How incompetent is the government in their background checks that they cleared a guy who believed and talked to 40 guys about little green men and crashed flying saucers, let him submit an official complaint to the Inspector General and then the Congressmen and women collectively forgot to do the most basic thing, a background check.

David Grusch is a hero! He is being attacked right now. This is called an ad hominem attack. He needs our support!

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