I’m not sure of the exact but this was some time when I was in early elementary school. We had a 2 floor house with a deck that comes up to the 2nd floor. That’s where my mom would always go out and smoke her cigarettes at. I remember one day I think I was eating dinner and my mom was out there smoking and called me over cause there was something in the air not too far above my neighbors backyard. It was a round disc shaped thing and it seemed pretty slim. I wanna say it was rotating but I can’t say for sure, I do remember it had all these lights on the bottom and sides that were flashing and changing colors. It kinda slowly moved to the right bit right outside my neighbors yard hovered there for a bit and then it just zooms off to the right in an instant. I’d say it was there anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute before it took off.

Thinking back on this and using google maps for rough measurements. I’ll say the object was about 60-80 feet from where we were. The deck I would say is like 10-15 feet high and the object was almost to our level but maybe another 10-20 feet higher than us. I’d guess 20-30 feet off the ground. It didn’t seem too big either. I’d say anywhere to about a 3-6 foot diameter of it and it was pretty slim, couldnt have been taller than a foot. I want to say it was dark grayish in color, I more remember the lights but I distinctly remember it being disc shaped.

I’ve never been a hardcore theorist or anything nor have I ever had any other experience like that. Actually a lot of the times I question if I even saw this or this is just some misunderstood memory from my childhood. I’ve been thinking about asking my mom about it for confirmation but I don’t wanna sound like a lunatic. Figured I’d share it here.

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