The thermal image appears to show that the undercarriage of the plane in thermal image. If we check the cargo hold, it appears that roughly in that location were two pallets belonged to a company called “Agilents Technologies” delivered by “Kintetsu World Express”, as well as two ULDs with approx 1 ton each containing mangosteens.

Of interest perhaps is that the Agilent order was under SLAC, meaning that KWE personally packed and arranged the cargo themselves. Additionally the invoice concerning this consignment does not seem to appear in which was used in the safety investigation report. But rather is available in a separate 9 page document for the cargo manifest. I think what is also interesting to note is that there was reluctance by the Malaysian authorities to disclose everything that was on the cargo manifest, according to some news sources.

Could it be possible that there was something in the cargo that began heating up to such a degree that we can see it in the thermal clip? (See the 00.46 mark)

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