I don’t want to discuss whether the Airliner videos are real or fake; it doesn’t matter for the purpose of this discussion. I want to discuss the possibility of what’s portrayed in that video might occur.

This user summarized it nicely :

I think it’s really interesting that some of the videos with the MOST visual fidelity are dismissed not on the basis of the fidelity, but on the basis of what the video is showing/implying. I’m assuming a plane instantaneously vanishing out of thin air doesn’t fit into Mick’s worldview — and that’s why he immediately dismissed it at first glance.

It’s a lot like many of the philosophers at Gallileo’s academy — who refused to look through the telescope simply because the idea of mountains on the moon was so ridiculous to them.

If there’s one thing we should have learned by now; it’s that reality doesn’t care if it makes sense to you. It demands we make sense of it.

I’d like to center the discussion around this upvoted and awarded commentary:


I’d also like to present a counter-argument to the above commentary commentary, but using David Grusch’s claims instead:”

The most ridiculous part of this whole thing is the farce that this is a 90-years long cover-up, overpowered government that is somehow more unlikely than a fucking whistleblower named David Grusch claiming outlandish things, followed by a massive global government secret disinformation campaign that managed to suppress it despite it being the #1 news story in the entire world, including dropping fake report, killing people, yet somehow failing to lock down 10 alien spacecraft and alien bodies for almost 9 decades, ultimately leading a bunch of armchair reddit enthusiasts to “uncovering” what would unquestionably be the single most insane thing to ever happen in the history of the world.

Because that’s what it is. It’s not that people on here are saying it isn’t entirely impossible. People are genuinely claiming with their full chest that it is more likely to have alien spacecrafts and free energy that “solves the world energy crysis” then it’s likely that they’re wildly underestimating the skill of whistleblowers who are able to create infinitely complex lies.

I mean, come on. This is conspiracy theory 101. Is it impossible? No. But Occam’s Razor is SO CLEARLY IN FAVOR OF THIS BEING A LIE that I sometimes almost wonder if everyone else is magically hearing a completely different whistleblower.

I’m not saying UAPs aren’t real. But to say definitively that we’ve got alien bodies and spacecraft and free energy from hearsay (at best) and armchair analysis is absurd. This is how conspiracy theories work. This exactly.

Just as one small example, here’s another “perfectly rational” explanation of what happened in Roswell, also backed up by “incontrovertible,” detailed proof.


The craziest thing is how everyone seems to be looking at this as some kind of LARP puzzle box, instead of real life. But this is real. Imagine how psychologically devastating it could be to a family member of a victim to be told that their loved ones didn’t just die, they were killed by their own government or by alien malevolent events. If you’re going to make that type of claim, the burden of proof has to be ABSOLUTELY IMMENSE, because to be confidently wrong about it based on armchair “analysis” would be incredibly cruel to those still mourning the dead.

Essentially, the burden of proof for this is and needs to be akin to what it would take to prove to an atheist that Jesus was actually the son of God. Are UAPs real? In my opinion, yes. But this refusal to entertain any totally rational skepticism is, in a metaphorical sense, starting to veer uncomfortably into “we did it reddit” boston bomber territory.

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