I admit I’m big time skeptical about politicians, all politicians.

But Burchett, Luna, Moskowitz – despite their disagreements – they are stepping in a huge way against massively powerful and vested interests.

They are asserting (or at least trying to assert) civilian control over the military and their associated private industry friends.

They are fighting hard for transparency and truth.

Regardless of what your beliefs are, right or left, ufoligist or skeptic, let’s applaud them. Let’s celebrate them.

They get the danger and the risks, they are seeing it all happen in real time with the attacks on Grusch, and yet they are fighting back.

This is what real leadership is.

Let’s VOTE for them.

Call them, write to them, email them, like their tweets – tell them how proud they make you as an American.

Repeat their names whenever you get a chance. Burchett, Moskowitz, Luna.

Don’t let history forget what they’ve done.

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