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I’m all for giving both videos the rigorous testing and investigation they’re entitled to, but so far nothing conclusive has come out that suggests the videos are faked. The two strongest pieces of evidence are 1. that in the satellite angle, the portal fades out at a different framerate from the rest of the video, and 2. that the satellite angle does not show what appears to be whitecaps in the ocean moving with the wind.

However, the first claim has been itself debunked, as there’s visual proof the fading effect was simply the analysis software doing frame blending. The second point has not been debunked per se, but we do not yet know for sure whether the white blobs are indeed whitecaps, or if they are instead low-altitude clouds or something of the like.

Combine that with the numerous deep-dives into the convincingly accurate details of the video – the structure of the drone, the low-temperature infrared auras that were likely not public knowledge at the time of the video’s release, and the highly accurate cloud illumination during the flash – and the videos do not strike me as something we have determined to be “likely CGI”. They absolutely may be fake, but I’m not sure why we of all communities are so averse to giving these kinds of potential evidence a fair and due course of analysis.

If we keep digging into the videos, this community will not magically forget about Grusch or the importance of contacting congressmembers and encouraging further investigation. We should be able to keep two separate topics alive at once, even if there is a clear astroturfing effort on behalf of the US military.

I strongly encourage anyone who reads this – and has the time and/or technical knowhow – to continue poking away at the airline videos. If we end up concluding (with reasonable evidence or testimony) that they are real, then that’s a big step in the right direction. If they end up being fake, then hey – at least we didn’t see a passenger airliner vanish into thin air, which honestly would be reassuring.

Thanks for reading.

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