Just as the title says, how many of you are afraid of coming forward with their experiences, and possible videos/pictures?

Almost two years ago, I had regular close encounters with orbs and triangles, for a time, and am afraid of scrutinization by others, over my very real, and pretty scary encounters. They left me questioning a lot of what I know about life, and wondering why I was visited for several weeks. Still have no idea why.

The phenomenon is very real, and it feels like encounters are becoming more and more common. Encounters like mine.

Do a lot of you feel that it isn’t worth it to share your videos from encounters, too?

When I had the experiences, I was excited to share what I had documented, but as time has gone on, the benefits don’t seem to outweigh the cons. There will be videos in the future.

Let me know your thoughts, people. I hope you will also believed someday.

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