To create this, using the technology available in 2014, how much time and money would that take? If this video (with 3 separate angles) was posted 4 days later in 2014, I can’t see how there is enough time and money on earth to produce something of this quality in such a short time. Please educate me on why I’m Wrong. It would have to be premeditated to make sense. They have the size of the orbs correct, the military technology used, the pyramid formation like Matt Gaetz refers to, etc. i think the going theories at that time were the storm froze the pitot tube or something I can’t recall. And unless you were apart of the investigation, the planes path wasn’t known for a week or 2, and it’s still debated. I think the plane supposedly kept sending signals for hours after also. So, someone would have literally had to have heard a plane went missing, and put together a tremendous amount of knowledge and work to put this together, and done it well enough to fool us 10 years later. And then just hide it in plain sight and not draw attention to it. It would only make sense if it was premeditated. Maybe government sponsored?

If this is MH370, and it did veer off course and flew over that base, I could see why. If the UAP we’re harassing the plane prior like the Japan airlines in Alaska, it would make sense why the plane acted irrational and why it makes that steep bank in the video. And that would explain why military was there ready to go with video.

So again, how much time and money would it take to create something of this caliber and sophistication before anyone even knew what was going on with this plane?

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