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I’ve been investigating the history of the UAP program based on hints from David Grusch’s public statements. So far, I have shared my findings in 3 posts:

Part 1 – The UAP recovery operation was started by the OSS and is currently coordinated by the CIA’s Special Activities Center (SAC)

Part 2– The research and development operation is compartmentalized between the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and Defense Contractors

Part 3 – Former Director of Central Intelligence Allen Dulles was the first major leader of the UAP program; former DCI and president George H. W. Bush was the second.

Now, I think I think I may have figured out how the UAP operation is currently being run and why we have the situation we are in today.


• The current leader of the legacy UAP program, in addition to the Pentagon’s official UAP program, is none other than Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick

• The intelligence and defense leaders who inherited this program want “controlled Disclosure” so they can bury each of their group’s historical involvement

• They are currently in a war of information with another group that is pushing for “full Disclosure,” which is currently being championed by David Grusch

• The “time constraint” is the impending age of space warfare and directed-energy weapons

A New Generation

In Part 3, I concluded with the death of George H. W. Bush and posed the question, “who is currently in charge of the legacy UAP program?” The first thing that stands out to me is the government’s openness to actually discussing this topic. Yes, it is still a bit taboo, but it is taken much more seriously by politicians now than ever before.

So it would seem there’s been a sea change. The new leadership has stepped up and is allowing the truth to slowly come out about UAP’s existence. This would also make sense if you think of it as a “generational shift”: Dulles and Bush were WWII veterans with careers spent fighting wars, leading the US intelligence community, keeping secrets and, in Bush’s case, becoming President. Whatever their original motivation/mission/goal was with the UAP program, it died with Bush.

Trump was president at the time of Bush’s death. I really don’t want this to be taken politically, but Trump had a pattern of placing underqualified people in important postings. There was a lot of overturn and interim office holders as well. The point is, Trump’s administration was less organized than the strategically formed administration of other presidents who had spent their careers forming political relationships and strategies. I believe this is also a reason why the current Disclosure push went mainstream: the old leader had died and the remaining groups were unorganized, which allowed Mellon, Elizondo and co. to act and take this story public.

However, when Biden came into office, he appointed qualified individuals to his administration and they have remained consistent and cooperative since they were all appointed. I believe it was this new generation of leaders that then inherited the legacy UAP program. This would include:

Avril Haines (Director of National Intelligence) Lloyd Austin (Secretary of Defense) William Burns (Director of the CIA) Jennifer Granholm (Secretary of Energy) Possibly defense contractor executives Possibly Five Eyes

(For the record, I have no clue about Trump’s or Biden’s level of involvement or awareness in this)

This is an entirely new generation. All of these people were born years after WWII concluded. These aren’t people who grew up fighting Nazis and spent their careers engaging in the Cold War.

Avril Haines opened a café and bookstore with her husband after dropping out of a physics doctoral program at Johns Hopkins

William Burns played on the men’s basketball team at Oxford and became a diplomat.

These are not people that saw the atrocities of WWII firsthand. They don’t want to do what the CIA was doing during the Cold War. I believe they decided to end the secret and disclose the nature of UAP to the public, but with one major caveat:

They have to wash their hands of their departments’ historical involvement. To admit that your department or agency was involved in a 70-year extrajudicial chain of command and coverup would have devastating effects to your group and yourself. The American people losing all faith in their intelligence and defense communities could be destabilizing, especially in a time of already heightened distrust toward the government.

Controlled Disclosure

So they have one way they can approach this. They have to “introduce” the phenomenon as a scientific discovery for the modern world. They have to be careful navigating this disclosure as to remove the government conspiracy and coverup from the narrative.

So you need an accomplished and respected physicist to look at the physical data. Someone that has worked for the US government their whole career. Someone deeply involved in defense and intelligence. Someone that can genuinely frame Disclosure as the findings of authentic, reputable science, while navigating it so carefully that they don’t implicate the defense or intelligence communities’ involvement over the last 70 years.

Who better than Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick.

Kirkpatrick is not just some stooge. He’s not just some physics nerd. After getting his PhD in physics, Kirkpatrick did research on advanced laser applications for the Air Force National Laboratory and Naval Research Laboratory, and was a program manager in the NRO and CIA. And that was just within the first 10 years of his career. It only gets more interesting from there. The job history from Kirkpatrick’s LinkedIn profile:

Chief Architect, Space and Intelligence Office, Department of Defense Defense Intelligence Officer, Scientific and Technical Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency Deputy Director of Intelligence, U.S. Strategic Command Director for National Security Strategy, National Security Council Intelligence Community Lead, USSPACECOM Task Force (IC lead for the establishment of USSPACECOM and the DNI representative to AFSPC and SPACECOM) Deputy Director Of Intelligence, U.S. Space Command Chief Scientist, Missile and Space Intelligence Center

As you can see, Kirkpatrick has been a serious scientist, defense officer and intelligence officer throughout his career. And he is currently the Pentagon’s top UAP expert. He is in the optimal position with the optimal qualifications to lead Disclosure in the best interests of the defense and intelligence communities and that is why he is the current leader.

And there is another reason that points to Kirkpatrick being the leader, which may also shed some light on what they have been trying to create from recovered non-human technology, which I will return to after the next section.

Full Disclosure

On the other hand, there is group of people that want full disclosure of the UAP program. They want to disclose the conspiracy in addition to what we actually know about the phenomenon. These are the people that have been making all of this happen and pushing the conversation forward:

Chris Mellon Lue Elizondo Harry Reid Barack Obama John Podesta I. Charles McCullough Tim Burchett Anna Paulina Luna Chuck Schumer Marco Rubio And, most importantly right now, David Grusch

And there are definitely more that I didn’t list. This group wants to unveil the the phenomenon and the conspiracy around it. And they want to do it right. They have been holding hearings, passing legislation, trying to start serious conversations and investigations.

Ultimately, it boils down to Grusch and Kirkpatrick: two accomplished military intelligence officers with backgrounds in physics, tenure with the Air Force and NRO, and a close connection to UAP, in a struggle over how to navigate Disclosure.

A New Age of Warfare

For those of you that do not know, we are about to enter a new age of warfare and it will be focused on space. China and Russia have been investing heavily in their military space programs and the US established the Space Force. There has also been a lot of research into directed-energy weapons, which are literally weapons that use energy instead of solid ammunition. From Wikipedia:

“In the United States, the Pentagon, DARPA, the Air Force Research Laboratory, United States Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center, and the Naval Research Laboratory are researching directed-energy weapons to counter ballistic missiles, hypersonic cruise missiles, and hypersonic glide vehicles. These systems of missile defense are expected to come online no sooner than the mid to late-2020s.

Under “Operational Advantages”:

“Lasers travel at light-speed and have long range, making them suitable for use in space warfare”

Completely unironically and as a matter of pure fact, we are going to have space lasers pretty soon and this is the direction warfare will head between the US and its rivals.

So what does this have to do with UAP?

Look at Kirkpatrick’s career: he was studying advanced laser applications for the Air Force and Navy right after getting his PhD back in the ’90s. He held multiple high ranking positions in the US’ military space programs. For crying out loud, he was the Intelligence Community Lead for the re-establishment of the US Space Command!

So why on Earth would you have one of the country’s greatest minds in the realm of space defense and intelligence with a history of research in military laser applications working in a UFO office as we are actively gearing up to turn our first energy-based weapons online and enter the age of space warfare?

Because these energy weapons may be the product of the 70+ years of R&D into recovered non-human craft. We may have found other applications already, but this is going to have much more impact than anything before. These weapons will be a quantum leap in warfare. The velocity and location of a target will mean nothing to lightspeed weapons equipped with the global surveillance capabilities of the US.

Kirkpatrick was the Chief Scientist of the Missile and Space Intelligence Center just before his appointment to AARO. He is absolutely knowledgeable of the US’ plans for energy weapons and the space domain. Kirkpatrick’s transfer to AARO makes no sense unless energy weapons, space warfare and UAP are all closely related. He may have already aware of any reverse engineering applications in regards to energy weapons and space defense.

But that still begs the question… if we are about to enter an age of space warfare that includes advanced energy weapons, why is it necessary for Kirkpatrick to shift his focus to UAP now?

The Time Constraint

The only conlusion I can think of for this is, something about warfare entering the space domain and using energy weapons will lead to UAP and/or non-human intelligence becoming apparent. There will be no way to hide them and the public is being prepared for this. Kirkpatrick’s job is to establish the phenomenon as a “new” scientific discovery before this happens so that the defense and intelligence communities can retain some degree of control over the situation.

So what exactly are they preparing for?


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