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Journalist Ross Coulthart talks about bad things being done to human beings by NHI.Also he advises us to research about agreements which have been made in the past. Former intelligence officer David Grusch hints towards agreements being made with NHI that risk putting our future in jeopardy. Counterintelligence Special Agent Lue Elizondo goes even further and talks about agreements that allow NHI to harm/abduct humans.

Opinion:I think they are talking about the Eisenhower agreements.There are a LOT OF sources pointing towards President Eisenhower making agreements with NHI in 1954 in exchange for weapons and technologies while aliens were allowed to abduct humans for genetic experiments.

I think this is what they are pointing at. Or what do you think?

A lot of people mentioned that they don’t think highly advanced NHI need our permission for anything since they can easily overpower us.

Yes, you are right but….

I have controversial opinion:

Let’s assume that there are thousands (if not millions) of advanced civilizations in the universe. Common sense tells me that they need to agree on rules on how to act in space or interact with other civilization in order to allow free will and natural growth.

Otherwise every malevolent advanced civilization would just conquer/kill everything less advanced. So I really think that they can’t just come and overpower us but they can honey trap us…

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