Now that The Intercept has published its article, we should be prepared for other media outlets to join in the smear campaign against Grusch and his claims.

Let’s not even think about what retaliation attempts are in the works against Grusch and other potential whistleblowers.

This community has over 1 million members, thousands of which are active every single day.

We are as close as we’ve ever been to confirmation of NHI. Let’s come together and not only back the group of people that brought us here (Grusch, Ross, Burchett, etc.) but also organize a collective outreach campaign to our representatives. Let’s leave this August recess with something they can’t ignore.

Let’s make it clear once and for all that this is a public issue – and of great public interest. They can’t ignore us all and they can’t keep this suppressed forever.

Let’s stop lurking and collectively stand on the right side of history.

Over the coming days, I will work on templates, plans, and strategies on how we can join forces with the disclosure gang and I invite you to join me.


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