I’ve pretty much been going full woo lately, but hey – when faced with crazy technology, you gotta start embracing crazy paths that may have led there. Say what you will about astral work, but I’ve had some experiences in the past months. By nature though, I can’t even prove their validity to myself, let alone you. I wanted my experiences to become physical, I wanted to see something with my janky little human eyes. Cloaking from the human eye is very simple, vibrate at a high enough frequency, we won’t see shit. For all we know, they’re everywhere and always. So basically through my woo ways, I requested what I wanted.

Two days ago, broad daylight, I saw something level with the clouds while I was driving. It was reflecting light as if it were a side-view mirror caught in the sun a few feet away, so bright. I pulled over and watched it, waiting for the telltale pingpong movement, for it to zip out of existence; but it just moved slowly along, reflecting like a mirror as it went. After a moment, the reflection stopped, and I could make out a little, black speck. Probably a helicopter or something, but I compartmentalized it as ‘that’s cool I guess.’

Tonight I was walking home. Hot air, city lights, annoyed at the sounds and trying to see the stars. My eyes were glued to this plane or satellite above me, I could make out the ripples of atmosphere shuttering over its pale yellow lights. I thought:

I’m never going to see a fucking uap am I

Literally that instant, a brilliant, white light ZIPS through the sky below the satellite. I stopped for a second and stared. I wasn’t/am not in awe, I’m not quaking. I just kind of thought:

Right, my bad, sorry

And kept walking. Who knows. Probably just a shooting star, but hey – my advice to you is; embrace the woo.

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