I saw a post earlier that had stabilized the orbs revolving around the plane, I didn’t see that anyone had done this yet so I thought I’d give it a try. I have a background with digital illustration so this was up my street, although very tedious.

This includes the main revolutions of the orb around the plane, there are some that are missing because when the image zooms in you’re unable to see the rotations, however these are the main full and half rotations (I included some half rotations to make sure I wasn’t missing anything) that I could find. Because of the nature of the stabilized video and the fact that the plane is moving, I had to manually adjust them as I went along, so in essence this isn’t even the most accurate representation, it is actually, incredibly, much more accurate than above. I hope someone who’s smarter than me can have a go at doing this with 1:1 precision.

In essence, the orbs appear to be creating an almost perfect sphere around the plane, which is astounding. The hoaxer would have had to have had the orbs spinning on a perfect axis at very specific rotations while the plane is moving and also having them converge at the point of impact.

If you can’t see the convergence points I have added them here https://imgur.com/gallery/K8PWSCW

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