For all the memes post-Grusch saying “we got rent to pay and groceries are expensive so who cares about aliens”, it’s still at a level where without something MASSIVE and undeniable that people can willfully ignore it, and that’s understandable to an extent.

The MH370 story was such a MASSIVE thing at the time–anyone older than 25 or so will take notice if there’s any sort of official confirmation in the way the 2017 videos were acknowledged. I think for print media and tv news, MH370 was basically another 9/11, which is to say a ratings hit that had eyeballs glued 24/7 to any little development.

If confirmed, mainstream/legacy media will ABSOLUTELY run with this in a way they have not with Grusch so far. This will be huge and take the issue over the edge. I don’t know where this first got attention recently or why given it’s been out for years with little attention, but it makes me wonder if, for all the talk of a slow drip, trickle truth disclosure process, these videos might just be a big step in that direction.

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