Every belief system on the planet has skeptics, believers, and fanatics. The same is true for this UAP/UFO phenomenon.

Skeptics. Believers. Fanatics. ————————————————————-


In regards to this topic;

In this topic the Fulcrum represents the fact that this “conspiracy” exists and has existed in every country, across the globe, sightings, crashes, and coverups dating back 80+ years.

Believers. Accept this has fact and tend to view all information reported as a valid possibility, be it skeptical or otherwise. They tend to push for legitimate, definitive answers and are likely the reason that this subject as persisted for nearly a century. the term “Believer” I used to represent the center of the spectrum does not mean that they believe in aliens, only that they are aware that there is ample information indicating this is a legitimate possibility, a large portion of this sub, many skeptics and Experiencers fall into this group.

Skeptics. Tend do deny the “Fulcrum”, and automatically assume it’s an impossibility regardless of how much to contrary is put before them. More often than not, they have no inclination to even investigate or research the topic. They tend to refuse to look at the discussion and history as a whole, and pick which ever side of the argument that supports their steadfast beliefs. “Skeptics” represent those with hardcore denial and often resort to insults just for entertaining the possibility, I personally believe people like West, and Greenstreet fall into this category.

Fanatics. Essentially the polar opposite of the Skeptics, they accept and believe everything put before them regardless of its validity. And like the skeptics often pick the side of an argument rather than looking at the whole that suits their beliefs. “Fanatics” represent the hardcore believers, we’ve all seen them and got a pretty good idea, I believe people like Greer, and Anjali land in this category.

I don’t know if this makes any sense to anyone else, but it is how view and approach the topic. That said I also enjoy speculating but don’t consider speculation as fact.

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