Many of us have probably seen the DOD leak thread where the government is hypothesizing that the UAP/UFO phenomenon is probably “mechanical life”, i.e. an AI and self-replicating machine like the whole Von Neumann Probe theory. And with that concept, all the “biologics” that have been recovered are just artificially constructed biological drones (Grusch has hypothesized that might be the case).

Well, if the government think that’s true, then I think that’s very bad for the rest of use regarding disclosure. My reason for saying that is this: if the governments of the world thought there was some other race behind this whole phenomenon, then at some point (if not already) they are going to want to be in contact with that race and want to come to terms with it, etc.

But if the governments of the world think there’s just some super-advanced AI behind all of this, then I think no world leaders are going to be interested in negotiating or being in contact with a machine. That’s just TOO alien and foreign for us to deal with. Plus we as humans have an inherent superiority complex over machines, we view them as our tools, not something on equal footing with us.

So I think if world governments really believe that an AI is behind all this, they are going to continue to do what they’ve already been doing for decades, trying to get their hands on the technology as much as possible and try to reverse-engineer it to get some technological advantage over their enemies to help secure that government’s world domination.

So that just means they are going to keep this stuff as close to their vest for as long as possible because they don’t care about any eventual contact or treaty with the phenomenon. They will not want to have any real disclosure concerning the phenomenon’s nature. Hell, they probably think that if the populace knew we were being observed and tested by some super-advanced AI instead of another species that the world populace would be more freaked out by that.

That’s just my two cents.

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