Let’s say that all the creepist things we hear are true – they can manipulate our consciousness/perception, they have been engineering our genetics and our social/philosophical development, perhaps they have master level abilities to manipulate space/time in a way that seems “physics defying” to us, not only are they a higher, more powerful intelligence than us but they are directly managing us or at least influencing us.

So what, man? Never in my life have I assumed that human beings are the pinnacle of sentience. Never in my life have I imagined that human beings are capable of self management lol. Fucking look at us. If there is another species sharing the planet with us, we are frankly lucky they’ve been so gracious.

Imagine what we’d do if we observed apes and other primates evolving, learning agriculture and developing a written language? Surely we’d annihilate them out of fear/revulsion and view them as a direct threat to our own species’ survival.

If something similar has already happened on this planet and we are the apes and they were us – they’ve already proven to be better than us.

Frankly, humanity is in such a state that I welcome outside management lol. There’s nothing more frightening to me or more threatening to my existence than fucked up, psychotic, human beings that have consolidated power and wealth.

We are our own worst enemy so let’s start there if you want to do something with your existential dread. “The phone call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!”

Maybe it’s because I’ve been invested in this topic since I was 8yrs old ( waaaay back in 1987 ) and so I was absorbing these kinds of ideas as a child and had time to get used to them, idk, but literally no scenario proposed has given me some kind of dread. In fact, I desperately hope we are being managed in some sort of off hands way because I certainly don’t trust us to do a good job.

Maybe we get no disclosure until we prove mature enough to handle the truth and some real, honest self awareness about what we are. As dangerous as we are to ourselves, imagine an outsider looking in. I’d limit us lol. I’d certainly keep a close eye on us.

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