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A. The entire thing is CGI.

B. Only the orbs and the disappearance is fake, the original footage of the plane is real. Since the source footage is nowhere to be found, someone with access filmed the screen showing real classified footage of a plane taken by a spy sattelite and a military drone.

As a prerequisite, the spy sattelite and the drone captured footage of the exact same type of aircraft as MH370. These videos would have to exist.

If the hoaxer is the one who filmed and leaked the footage taken by the sat and drone, this person would have to have had access to this classified footage, and be willing to risk the consequences of leaking classified material, just to create this hoax.

If the hoaxer is not the same person, the person who leaked the footage would have risked the consequences of leaking classified footage of a plane seemingly doing nothing out of the ordinary. Why?

Also this original footage would have not been used anywhere but in this video that shows the UAPs.

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