On March 14th a Twitter user by the name Ty and username @strayedaway supposedly received a voicemail from an unknown number. The voicemail seemed to be coded using the phonetic Alphabet. This was translated to “Danger SOS it is dire for you to evacuate be cautious they are not human SOS danger SOS”.

Ty supposedly received a message in Indonesian which translates to, “end the post you just shared about the recording on your phone”

One twitter user claimed to have heard the same recording on her phone when talking to her boyfriend, but he couldn’t hear it.

Another user pointed out that as it had a “s” before “danger” and believes that this means it was set to be in a continuous loop. He also said that the coordinates were very close to where MH370 disappeared, before suggesting that it could be the black box recording. He also points out that 2 large solar flares were recently released and the electromagnetic activity could have caused random people receiving the message.

I have no opinion with regard to whether this was real or a hoax. I am simply posting to hear what other people’s opinions are on this.

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