Me and some family were vacationing down in the Bahamas February of this year, boating our way down the keys from Nassau. Around the not quite halfway point we stopped at Highbourne Cay to anchor for the night.

Two of us were on the edge of the boat looking down at a nurse shark that had taken an interest in us. We turned our attention to the night sky at one point, and after a little time had passed a flying light appeared from behind the clouds flying inwards and then right to left, or coming in at us from the NW and flying SE to S. We watched it fly across the horizon, and as it broke between spaces in the clouds, what I would describe as an orange sphere with an aura around it and a cone shaped headlight ahead of it became visible (see piss poor illustration attached).

I’ll admit, it looked pretty wild, but given the altitude and speed I assumed it was a propeller plane, and the aura was like the ring you’d see around the moon given the precipitation. My FIL was not convinced however and said that while he’s seen some crazy stuff while at sea (he’s a captain) he’s never seen anything like that. He pointed out that if it was a propeller plane that 1. we would hear it (it was dead silent, close and low), 2. the lights would not be that bright, 3. it was going a little too quick for a prop plane, and 4. save for the few low clouds dotting the sky it was a mostly clear night not overcast, and it had not rained nor was going to. And he was right, but at the time I didn’t think more of it, and settled on it being a plane.

Up until recently I had more or less forgotten it happened, but I’ve been following this sub since the hearing and reading the different stories posted here. I came across a few regarding orange orbs which prompted me to look up “UAP Bahamas” and “Orange orb Bahamas.” While I didn’t see anything matching my experience, what I did learn was that AUTEC(Atlantic Undersea Test and Evaluation Center) was located down there in Andros Town, and some articles calling it “The NAVY’s own Area 51.” Out of curiosity I pulled up google maps and lo and behold, guess what area of the Bahamas is situated across the way from AUTEC? Highbourne Cay.

I know AUTEC primary deals with underwater testing but then there’s all these stories of UAPs disappearing beneath the waves so who knows? Everything taken together – what we saw, what it looked like, the location – seems like it could almost be too coincidental. While I’m still fairly skeptical, it’s at the very least fun to speculate.

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