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The amount of debate and “legitmacy” given to fringe figures and “evidence” is just overwhelming. It’s hurting he public perception of this movement. Please stop upvoting obviously fake content. If you really want to encourage disclosure or gave any semblance of legitamacy to this subject, you’ve got to stop giving legitmacy to obvious disinformation.

Grifters gonna grift. Just because what they say sounds great does not mean it deserves honest discourse. These false figures rely on your good faith for profit. The consequence is complete discreditation of a movement that is so much bigger than one video or one crackpot goofball. Stop falling into their for-profit trap. These people rely on your ignorance for short term profit. They do not care how it impacts the actual work other people do.

You are literally helping the enemy destroy this movement for clicks and ad revenue. Don’t be the “willing idiot” that destroys all the work others have spent their lives defending. It’s counter productive and short sided. Downvote nonsense. Upvote real evidence. I know everyone wants to believe, but you have to calm down and continue to be objective.

The posts I’ve seen in the last week are the very reason why this subject can’t carve a legitimate space in MSM. The UAP space is so intertwined with nonsense that NOONE wants to be associated with it or you.

You’re ruining what Grusch and others are sacrificing so much for. Stop it.


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