I know he’s a controversial figure in the community, but this new documentary “The Lost Century” was pretty well made IMO; it might be a bit overwhelming for people new to the topic though.

One thing I thought was worth discussing is something I think we all have heard at one point or another, but is frequently lost with all the huge things going on right now.

We’ve all heard about suppressed ET technologies that could revolutionize life on earth and solve our big problems, but the suppression problem extends to thousands of terrestrial technologies that have been developed as well… including free energy technologies, and so-called electrogravitic propulsion systems. A lesser mentioned culprit is the patent office, which has been corrupted by those in power, and denies patents on grounds that don’t apply to ANYTHING ELSE but energy technologies. This is all to keep the current power structure and petro-economy in place.

It’s kind of like yet another layer of fuckedupedness–not only are revolutionary ET technologies being hidden from humanity, but the fruits of our own genius are being hidden from us as well.

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