I’m connected to Kirkpatrick and his posts and comments are mostly about things like: complaining space command doesn’t have enough good employees, sarcasm that russians are annoying because they disturbed his work happy hour, congratulating colleagues for retiring (stating that he’s jealous), wishing he had better military housing when getting stationed in a new location.

My assessment is that we are dealing with a grade A government bureaucrat who is a useful idiot to the DOD. Simple as that. I don’t think he’s in on any conspiracy, rather, he’s out of the loop and is working for an agency the DOD thought would be a nice little place to make all this alien talk quietly go away.

They are getting blindsided by Grusch and all of this attention.

EDIT: therefore it is likely that his long, recent posts are just the movements of a guy worried for his job stability. I bet you he thinks more about drinking the newest craft beer than he does about consciousness, existence of other worlds or our place in the universe.

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