While Ken Klippenisten is the author of the article that so disgustingly tried to smear David Grusch, it is The Intercept’s business executives and editors who thought their viewership/followers would want to read such garbage (says something about who they believe they’re viewership is).

While Ken’s story and his childish and unprofessional behavior following it, is quickly making him the Face of The Intercept and ALL its staff (not a good thing), his story never gets published without the sign-off and approval of a long list of people.

The ASK: Consider sending The Intercpet’s decision makers a respectful, but clear and direct, email (listed below) letting them know your feelings and asking for a published apology to Grusch and all the men and women of our armed forces who have been left with a lifetime of PTSD due to the hell they have all witnessed overseas in their service of this country, for us, the people.

The best way you can support Grusch and and our active and veteran service men and women is by not visiting The Intercept’s website and by sharing the email addresses of all those involved – inviting others to make their voice heard. No one should do or say anything harmful or abusive and it should go without saying, no one should show-up at anyone’s residence or place of business.

Ken Klippenstein You Know – [ken.klippenstein@theintercept.com](mailto:ken.klippenstein@theintercept.com)

Annie Chabel Chief Executive Officer – [annie.chabel@theintercept.com](mailto:annie.chabel@theintercept.com)

Miroslav Macala Chief Operating Officer – [miroslav.macala@theintercept.com](mailto:miroslav.macala@theintercept.com)

Sumi Aggarwal Chief Strategy Officer – [sumi.aggarwal@theintercept.com](mailto:sumi.aggarwal@theintercept.com)

Roger Hodge Editor-in-Chief – [roger.hodge@theintercept.com](mailto:roger.hodge@theintercept.com)

Nausicaa Renner Deputy Editor – [nausicaa.renner@theintercept.com](mailto:nausicaa.renner@theintercept.com)

Rashmee Kumar Managing Editor – [rashmee.kumar@theintercept.com](mailto:rashmee.kumar@theintercept.com)

Ryan Grim D.C. Bureau Chief – [ryan.grim@theintercept.com](mailto:ryan.grim@theintercept.com)

Ali Gharib Senior News Editor – [ali.gharib@theintercept.com](mailto:ali.gharib@theintercept.com)

Andrea Jones Senior Editor – [andrea.jones@theintercept.com](mailto:andrea.jones@theintercept.com)

Peter Maass Senior Editor – [peter.maass@theintercept.com](mailto:peter.maass@theintercept.com)

Maryam Saleh Senior Editor – [maryam.saleh@theintercept.com](mailto:maryam.saleh@theintercept.com)

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