There is a lot of confusion going around about who said what at what time and who is lying and who is telling the truth, with larger implications for assumptions about people’s overall credibility. Now more than ever, I believe it is incredibly important to stay focused on verifiable facts and not get caught up in assumptions based on hearsay.

To that end, I am including direct links to interviews and public statements from Coulhart, Grusch, and Ken Klippenstein. I would encourage everyone to fact check any claims they’ve seen about statements from any of these individuals themselves.

Fact: Coulhart released a statement from Grusch about the impending story from the Intercept about Grusch’s PTSD.


Fact: Coulhart had an interview with News Nation in which Coulhart stated that Grusch believes that his private medical records were leaked. (Relevant part starts at 1:40).

Coulhart stated that Grusch had received word from the Intercept about the upcoming story.

Coulhart states that Grusch knew the story would include information about his time in a psychiatric unit, and that Grusch believed this could have only come from the police files on the incident, or from leaked medical documents.

Coulhart states that Grusch had called the sheriff’s office to ask if they had given Grusch’s records to the Intercept, and the sheriff said “it did not come from him”.


Fact: The Intercept releases a story about Grusch’s PTSD incidents based on police files.

Ken Klippenstein, the person who wrote the story, includes the FOIA documents and request chain, confirming that the information did come from the police report.

The name in the signature of the sheriff’s office email response to the FOIA request is redacted, however the title of the responder is FOIA Coordinator. The response did not come from the sheriff directly.

Source (Intercept Story):

Source (FOIA Documents):

Fact: Ken Klippenstein stated in a recording that he was tipped off to look for information on Grusch’s background in police reports.

“The Intel people are vague” … “multiple people told me to just look at any run ins with law enforcement that he had”


*Note: if anyone has the original source for this recording please share and I will update the post.

I would encourage everyone who is concerned about anyone’s credibility or claims of anyone lying or falling into “traps” to review the full context above and draw their own conclusions. The best way to avoid disinformation and spread truth is to go directly to the source.

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