There has been a lot of discussion lately on this sub about whether you like Corbell, or Knapp, or you if you think Coulthart makes too many baseless claims. And as someone who has followed this topic for almost 3 decades, I just say focus on the whistleblowers. The media guys will always do what media people do; they keep themselves in the spotlight. Some are more reserved and stick to journalism, others not so much… But at the end of the day all of them want credit for breaking the big story.

What really matters in this subject is proof and firsthand accounts. David Grusch matters, David Fravor matters, Ryan Graves matters, keep your focus on what’s happening with whistleblowers and congress. Don’t get it twisted, David Grusch is the one whistleblowing, not Coulthart, not Keane, not Corbell.

And this isn’t to say the media members don’t play their own part. They absolutely do when it comes to being an avenue for these whistleblowers to tell their story. But don’t make them out to be something more than what they are. If disclosure is to happen, it’s because of the whistleblowers not the media members.


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