Tim Ventura seems likely to be the /x/ leaker. This is why the leaker doesn’t discuss his day-to-day activities in any detail: it’s not actually a grunt, it’s a well connected, influential individual with all connections required to acquire this information over a long time.

He is dying from cancer. ✅

Has had access to Special Access Programs. ✅

Well connect to the biggest players in anti-gravity, high-level military, intelligence and exotic science – enough to piece together the full story without hearing it from one person – plausible deniability ✅

Pushes in his interviews on sensitive topics like Ocean UAPs as though he has absolutely nothing to lose. ✅

He wrote an article in 2019 defending Snowden

Stopped publishing articles in 2021, stopped social media about the same time, and now dedicates himself to interviews with high-level people “in the know” while he progressively looks weaker and sicker. https://www.youtube.com/@TimVenturaInterviews

There’s too much botting, shilling and disinfo right now, but if just one person wants to chase this, it could be huge.

MH370 is firehose of falsehood style disinformation – it has all the hallmarks. This is what they want to distract you from.

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