Consider this video. At first glance you can see that there is a falling object with 3 objects following it. This is followed by other entities that start showing up. Looking closer; the falling object is actually multiple saucer shaped discs like the others and they seem to be moving around one another.

Patrick Q Jackson is a UFO researcher who has studied orbs appearing near legitimate UFO photographs and videos. He suggests that these orbs are a planetary defense system. I’d like to suggest that these “Craft” are actually just a collection of these saucer shaped entities and that they are together acting in unison one with another. There isn’t a “craft” but a multitude of Entities clinging to one another to form what would appear to be an air craft.

In a few of Patrick Jackson’s posts on Twitter you can see that these “orbs” show up when the UFO is present. Example:

Multiple orbs two photos ; same event

Now consider another post shared by Patrick that shows a plethora of these orb like objects blinking their lights heading in a single direction

Massive group of orbs,Mexico

Now we can obeserve a few things from the first video posted and this last video. There seems to be a light Emission from the entities.

Let’s consider a closer look of what these entities look like.

One of the best videos is NASAs STS 75 Day 9 footage

Start at 3:28

NASAs official stance is that they are ice crystals. This is a wrong analysis but they get A plus for effort. The entities in this video change shape and have a blinking light Emission.

Now after viewing this last video please view the first video posted on this thread and you can possibly see the connection.

Would love to hear your comments

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