Disclaimers: I’m no government agent just some dude talking nonsense, also English is not my first language.

Okay, prepare your tinfoil hats. The people who know the real deal behind UAPs can be easily confused with some evil old men who take us for idiots that would have mental breakdowns if we knew the truth.
But maybe holding this a secret for a whole century or more IS THE BEST OPTION. We want the truth, but maybe we cannot handle it. And I’m not talking of your 96 years old Christian grandma. I’m talking about you, about me, about the ones that assume we can psychologically handle this information.

I know that if they come and say “Aliens and UFOs real” ain’t a big deal. But what if UAPs are just the tip of the iceberg? What if, as the 4chan user said, there are hidden massive facilities of NHI that could easily destroy us? Or in other words, what if not even the most powerful governments on Earth have this situation under control?
I know you can say “Well we need to know if that’s the case” but imagine a case where the truth is actually an unimagible horror. I’m not saying UFOs, I’m saying this could mean a really really bad news for our species. Something we would NEVER recover from once we know.

What if the truth is something we really cannot bear with? What would happen to society, economy, maybe this could cause a heavy psychological damage in every human individual.

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