After finding out about Malaysia Flight 370 Photo Smuggled Onto Internet? and Netflix viewers furious over unanswered phone call onboard missing MH370, I wondered if Apple might know of any data being sent to or received from Apple devices owned by any of the passengers on that flight after it apparently vanished?

I know Apple is big on privacy and couldn’t tell what was sent/received, but I bet they probably know if “something” was sent or received at all after a certain date/time.

Frankly, with other rumors of covert/black military organizations using UAP-like tech for human trafficking, I’m scared.

Apple has always been for the little guy and has stood up to government pressure. Maybe they don’t keep that kind of analytical data from so long ago, but if they they do, and if they could show some communication timeline, that would be … well, not “great.” It might actually be terrifying (if this wasn’t NHI, but some black ops organization). It would open a whole new set of questions about what is being hidden from us.

Tim Cook, if you’re reading this, please let us know if you can help.

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