Here I’ll write your TLDR story for you.

The Intercept journalist who Intentionally slanders UFO whistleblower’s veteran PTSD is the son of Department of Energy Scientist.

The Intercept writer Ken Klippenstein wrote this article (link) revealing the medical records of David Grusch, who recently testified under oath to the Congress that the U.S. government has secret programs that hold and study alien craft and technology (link). The venue that these medical records were obtained by the Intercept writer is subject of debate and potentially ill-intentioned. Although it is confirmed that Klippenstein requested these documents legally the via Virginia state FOIA (link), the knowledge of these records and the speed at which he received them could be ill-intentioned. He is slandering a USA war veteran’s PTSD records after all.

Ken Klippenstein’s father is a successful scientist for the Department of Energy (link), who is conspired to be heavily involved in the century-long UFO coverup that Grusch claims secret programs inside the government have been carrying out. Klippenstein has been active on Twitter after publishing his story and receiving backlash. He recently tweeted “Jump in losers we’re triggering UFO nerds” (link).

Among other immature and rash comments by Ken following his defamation story of a USA war hero, Klippenstein makes himself out to be just a rich daddy’s boy who had everything given to him. What could be the true intention behind publishing something so obviously wrong and vile? Daddy might know.

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